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25 Jul 2017

After forgetting about this blog for over a year, I feel like it high time I set aside a little segment of each week to update folks with news of the latest happenings at Kingdom of Airsoft. 

This past year has been pretty hectic as always. 
The challenges of moving t...

23 Jun 2016

This year has been pretty hectic for us here at the Kingdom.
We've expanded our upgrade services and taken in jobs from all over the world while building up the necessary tool sets and methodology to get through all the jobs efficiently.

While some spanners have definit...

10 Nov 2015

It's taken a while and more than a few 3D printed models but we're now closing in on the final iteration of our super custom AEP internal endbell.

This little doohicky will transform the stock aep motor from a liability to a high performance engine and totally transfo...

14 Aug 2015

Recently, our awesome Dust Fairy - Corrin, has taken on a much larger role in the shop.
Now acting as a fully fledged Personal Assisstant, she has poked, cajoled and generally hounded me to get KoA onto a bunch of new Social Media outlets.

While I love Facebook, I've...