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The Laylax 9Ball CMG Cylinder Head is CNC machined from aluminium and anodized for extra protection. 

Featuring high quality NBR o-rings on the outer edge and the inner nozzle support, this cylinder head can help prevent air leaks and improve the power efficiency. 

The soft rubber damper pad has been moved to the front of the cylinder head to help it last longer. 

NineBall CMG Cylinder Head

SKU: 4582109589632
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  • Compatible with all CMG gearboxes (MP7, Scorpion & Mac10). 

    We recommend applying some liquid Superlube silicone oil to the rubber parts prior to installation. 
    Please check the air nozzle can move smoothly in the cylinder head, some clone brands (Well, JG) have off-spec nozzles that can bind against the o-ring and may require modification. 

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