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Air-Pad cylinder head buffers are ideal for dampening the impact of the piston and correcting the Angle of Engagement where that is necessary. 

These pads are made from a stronger Polyurethane material that resets to its original shape much faster than many other materials commonly used in this manner. 
It is strong enough to use without any protective layer with most piston heads. 

Air-Pad Cylinder Head Buffer

  • We recommend Gorilla Glue Gel to adhere this pad to the cylinder head. 
    The original buffer pad must first be removed and any residue cleaned off.

    The flat inner surface of the cylinder head must be keyed with a scribe or similar and the pad and cylinder head cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol. 
    Around 8-10 small 2mm dots of glue is sufficient. 
    Please ensure the pad is held securely against the cylinder head while the glue is drying and that the glue is then left to cure for at least 12 hours before the gearbox is cycled.

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