This silent piston head is machined from duralumin EN AW 6012 T6. Nine holes are drilled on the front side to allow the negative pressure to quickly equalize, reducing friction on the rear stroke, and helps expand the o-ring on the forward stroke. 

This piston head is equipped with a low-profile pneumatic brake which stops the air flow before the piston head hits the cylinder head. This will significantly reduce noise and dynamic shock transmitted to the gearbox.


For long life, we recommend using only for the following applications:

  • DMR - Spring force up to M150, semi-auto shooting only
  • DMR - Spring force up to M140, semi-auto or full-auto shooting with cadence up to 8RPS.
  • Spring force up to M120, semi-auto shooting, or full-auto with cadence up to 15RPS.


  • Pneumatic brake
  • Perfect sealing
  • Axial ball bearing for easy spring rotation
  • Sleek surface
  • Plastic nut that reduces total weight

Airsoft-Parts Silent Piston Head

  • Compatible with virtually all AEG gearboxes and pistons. 
    Must be paired with the Airsoft-Parts Silent cylinder head (bore-up or standard version). 

    The silent piston head is not suitable for weapons with a high rate of fire.