This Airsoft Electric Gun is a replica of a very well known Assault Rifle series, recreated in a gorgeous and solid external shell made from Aluminium and Alloy, with Steel being used for various trim components like the Fire Controls. These externals are protected from corrosion via an unmentioned process. The quality continues internally with a reinforced gearbox which is bristling with mouth-watering parts. The key notes of these internals are a Quick Change Spring System which allows for rapid Main Spring changes once the Gearbox has been removed from the body and a Microswitch Trigger for improved response and decreased chance of damage.

The front of the rifle features a precisely-crafted 20mm Railed Handguard which offers four points of accessory attachment, numbered rail slots and a solid Alloy Outer Barrel Assembly running through it, on the end of which sits a 14mm CCW Thread hidden underneath the Flash Hider. Simply unscrew the Flash Hider to install Muzzle Devices such as Suppressors and Tracer Units. The top of the replica has a full length top 20mm rail running the length of the Handguard and Receiver, and can accept any number of Sights and Scopes, leaving you free to create all sorts of tactical and wacky setups. This rail comes with an integrated Flip Up Front Sight Post and Quick Release Rear Sight Post (which I'm told is what all new HK rifles come attached with).

ARCTURUS GR16 MOD5 Assault Rifle (USED)

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