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The Retro Arms CNC AK Hop Chamber is a superb axample of a company getting it right. 
Precisely machined from Duralumium, this unit is strong and reliable. 
The collet locking nut allows the barrel to stay totally locked to the hop chamber with no rotation or vibration. 

Compatible with virtually all aftermarket nubs and hop rubbers, we generally pair this unit with our custom flat nub and PDI W-Hold hop rubber. 

Retro Arms CNC Hop Chamber (AK)

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  • Compatible with most brands of AK AEG. 
    Not compatible with NGRS AK variants. 

    May require some modification to fit in certain brands. 
    This chamber has a standard length feeding tube and will not work in any platform with a proprietary feeding tube length, for example the latest G&G AKs. 

    We recommend lightly lubricating the hop rubber with some liquid silicone oil prior to installation. 

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