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Dual UV LED Boards and New Electronic Module set is made for MAXX ME/MI Hopup Chamber series to glow BBs in the dark during firing.
This UV LED Tracer unit is fully compatible with TITAN™ and Spectre Mk.II drop-in mosfet.
This UV LED Tracer unit has the Dual UV LED Boards mounted on both side of chamber to glow BBs.
This UV LED Tracer unit is powered by connecting the 2 Round Terminals to the Motor Screw Terminals RED (+) and BLACK (-). DO NOT REVERSE POLARITY!
Operating Voltage from 7VDC to 15VDC (2-4 cells LiPo, 6-13 cells NiCad).

Dual UV LED Boards And New Module Set (For MAXX ME/MI Hopup Series)

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