EdGI Custom Works make some of the finest components in the world.
Their barrels and Bolt-Action Upgrade packages are unrivalled and now available through Kingdom of Airsoft.

We can supply Brass and Steel barrels, Bolt-Action Upgrade packages, reinforced Zero Trigger Sears, Barrel Supports and everything else made in the EdGI Machine Shop.

Barrels start from £54 and are available in any bore sizes between 5.98mm to 6.08mm.
Enlarged outer diameter barrels (BULL Barrels) are recommended for Bolt Action rifles to provide extra stability and rigidity.
Ported ends can be included at no extra cost. This allows excess air to escape before the BB exits the barrel, reducing turbulence to allow for more stable shots.



All barrels listed on this page are currently in stock.

EdGI Custom Works Barrels (In Stock)

Barrel Spec