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Fully CNC machined and anodised aluminium aftermarket Castle Nut for the TM Recoil platform. 
This castle nut is much stronger than the standard TM buffer ring and allows the stock to be more effectively locked in place. 
The Laylax Castle Nut has a black satin finish. 

Laylax NGRS Castle Nut

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  • This Castle Nut should only be installed using a Laylax NGRS armourers wrench or a high quality 'real steel' wrench (we recommend the Magpul armourers wrench). 

    Loctite 266 should be applied to the buffer tube thread prior to installation. 

    The threads on this nut are deeper than the standard TM ones so care must be taken to hold the wires flush in the routing channel so they are not damaged. 
    This is especially important with BTC Spectre wires as they are slightly thicker.

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