The Prometheus gears from Laylax are some of the finest gears available for NGRS gearboxes. 


These NGRS gears are in the standard (20:1) ratio and are ideally paired with a motor of 30-35Krpm under 350fps and up to 40K at 351-390fps.

For power levels higher than 390fps or motors faster than the above, we advise the use of the Laylax Double Torque gears. 

All of the high stress areas are CNC machined from heat-treated steel and the rest is MIM (metal injection molded) from steel. 
The attention to detail is superb, these gears represent the high quality we come to expect from Laylax Japan. 

Laylax Prometheus NGRS Gears (Standard Ratio)

SKU: 4571443174680
  • Compatible with all TM NGRS variants. 

    These gears require technical skill and knowledge to install. They should be shimmed from the motor pinion/bevel up to the sector to ensure smooth operation. 

    Superlube PTFE grease should be applied thinly to all contact surfaces on the gears after they have been correctly shimmed.

    We recommend pairing all aftermarket gears with Prometheus 6mm Steel Bushings or Ezo 8mm Bearings if used with the Retro Arms CNC gearbox Shell.