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The Master Mods Reinforced AEG piston features a harderdened steel rack of teeth with a massively bulked out body!

This is easily one of the strongest pistons on the market and one we've yet to break. Our first choice in all builds!


The MX-009 piston features a flat top making it compatible with most AEG gearboxes.

Master Mods Reinforced Piston (AEG)

SKU: MX-009
Out of Stock
  • Compatible with virtually all brands of V2 & V3 gearboxes including Retro Arms and ICS split shells. 

    Requires modification to work in V7 shells and may require modification for L85 shells depending on the gears used. 

    Pleae note that this piston DOES NOT have the EBB catch for ICS EBB gearboxes. Please purchase the MX-007 piston for that platform. 

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