The Maxx ME Sport Rotary hop chamber is one of the finest M4 hop chambers available in the world.
The attention to detail in every aspect is outstanding, giving the unit a truly luxury feel:

  • The unit is evenly tensioned against the gearbox shell with multiple springs
  • The barrel is very securely held in place and stabilied
  • The feeding tube is smooth and efficient with a BB retaining wire to prevent ammo dropping when the magazine is removed (not recommended for high ROFs)
  • Two hop arms are included, one for flat or R-Hops and one for regular nubs
  • The hop arm pin is securely held in place with a screw end
  • The rotary wheel is smooth to operate and numbered and pointed for ease of setting
  • The body, wheel and hop arms are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminium
  • Includes an anti-vibration o-ring around the gearbox seating tube

Maxx ME Sport Rotary Hop Chamber

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  • This unit fits in virtually all V2 M4 AEGs however it may require a different length of air nozzle to the stock gearbox.
    We recommend the Maxx Double O-Ring nozzle, 21.25 or 21.5mm is usually ideal.

    Some gearboxes may require modification to the front to allow the rotary wheel to clear reinforced areas and the BB latch to move fully, for example. Retro Arms Split M4 gearboxes.

    We recommend the use of Prometheus Purple or PDI W-Hold hop rubbers (buckings).