Nuprol Rzr ammo has ushered in a new era of readily available, ultra-high quality ammo at very affordable prices. 

Hihgly polished with excellent surface and internal consistency, these BBs will work in virtually all Airsoft guns. 


We recommend lighter ammo for fast-paced CQB game play were a higher initial velocity is more desirable than carry and long range groupings.

0.20g is ideal for for very close range play between 0m - 15m
0.25g is ideal for close CQB games up to around 35m

0.28g is perfect for medium paced CQB or fair weather outdoor games up to around 50m
0.30g is best suited to outdoor games requiring tighter groupings at up to 60m

0.32g ammo works best at longer ranges with slower paced game play up to around 70m

0.40g BBs are best used for precision shooting at long range against slow or stationary targets up to around 80m

0.43g+ ammo is ideal for use in Semi-Auto locked platforms at extreme range

Nuprol Rzr BBs