There is the smallest MOSFET system on the market, despite its small dimensions, it is extremely durable.

Thanks to its dimensions, it can be mounted in almost every replica and does not take up valuable space.
The MOSFET transistor used in the system has a much lower resistance than the contacts, which improves the rate of fire of the replica and eliminates the problem of firing them.

Perun MOSFET can work with all AEG setups, including those with highest muzzle energy and rate of fire.

It is covered by the manufacturer's one-year warranty.

Allowed battery types:
Li-Po from 2 to 4 cells (7.4V - 14.8V)
NiMH / NiCd from 8 to 10 target (9,6V - 12V)
Li-Fe 3 targets (9.9V)

Its dimensions are:

ATTENTION! The device must never be run without a fuse!
The recommended fuse is +/- 30 - 40A.

Do not leave your replica with the battery plugged when is not in use, because of the risk of complete battery discharge (which will permanently damage the battery).
This can also cause a damage to the mosfet itself.


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  • Please note, this unit does not come with wires, the fuse or any plugs etc. 

    If you'd like these items, please drop us a line and we can supply everything required (even solder).