The Perun V2 Optical MOSFET is a complete trigger-replacement unit. 
This drop-in control system replaces all of the stock wiring and mechanical switch assembly to directly sense the gears, selector and trigger. 

This gives you extreme control over your gearbox with an array of smart control options while also eliminating all of the issues and inconsistencies inherent with the standard mechanical setup. 





The PERUN Optical V2 unit allows the full control over the selector options, assigning the following at will:
- safe
- semi-auto
- 2 to 5 round burst
- full-auto

Other useful settings include:
-Active Braking adjustment

-Precocking adjustment

-Burst settings

-Battery voltage monitoring

PERUN V2 Optical MOSFET (Rear Wired)

  • Requires technical expertise to install and set up. 

    Compatible with most standard V2 gearboxes and many elongated V2 gearboxes. 
    Not compatible with TM NGRS gearboxes and any gearbox with a large microswitch trigger. 

    We recommend keeping grease to a minimum so the optical sensors are not clogged with spatter during use. 

    Comes pre-fitted with a T-Plug.

    Maximum reliable RoF is 50rps.