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The Prometheus 6mm Steel Bushings are amongst the strongest and hardest wearing of all 6mm bushings, rivaling many more expensive variants. 
They have a smooth inner bore (no ridiculous 'oil-grooves' that make the bushing weaker) and pair ideally with Superlube PTFE grease. 


Strong and simple, these bushings are fantastic quality and form the basis for all of our Recoil Service packages.

Prometheus Steel Bushings (6mm)

Out of Stock
  • Compatible with all 6mm gearbox shells and all TM NGRS gearbox shells. 

    Installation in to the NGRS shells requires some modification to the shell. We recommend either reaming the shell to 6mm with a flute reaming bit (this can be done by hand) or with a fine round hand file (we recommend Tamiya brand files). Only a small amount of material needs to be removed. 

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