The R-Hop is the true next-generation hop-up system.
When installed correctly it provides a much longer contact area to impart backspin on the bb. This results in a much greater amount of potential backspin which in turn allows you to effectively use much heavier ammo.
Due to the law of the conservation of momentum, the heavier ammo - if an equivalent amount of backspin can be applied - will travel further than lighter ammo in almost every build.

The end result is a system that can float bbs to much greater ranges with much greater accuracy and consistency than traditional hop systems are able to.

Contrary to popular accounts, the R-Hop is fully adjustable once installed however care should be taken when adjusting the system as it is possible to apply too much hop and jam the ammo in the chamber.
This can be prevented from happening but it may limit the maximum usable weight of ammo.

A typical result when paired with a 285mm 6.02 EdGI inner barrel in a platform that gives 1-1.1J or 350fps with 0.2g bbs, firing Valkyrie 0.32g BBs, is an effective range of 65-70m metres accurate to approximately 1m square with a max range of around 80m.

The R-Hop can be tuned to work for lighter ammo on request - 0.25g - 0.28g - but to see the real benefits it is recommended that you use the heaviest ammo you can afford.

The current recommended minimum ammo weight and brand for all R-Hop installations is Valky