The new CNC machined Recoil Piston from Retro Arms has been joinly developed by Kingdom of Airsoft to create the strongest NGRS piston on the market!

Featuring a reinforced front support with built-in spring spacer, a full rack of hardened steel teeth and a thicker body throughout for the ultimate reliability. 

Retro Arms CNC Recoil Piston (NGRS M4)

  • This piston is designed for the Tokyo Marui NGRS M4 platform. 
    It is also compatible with the TM HK416, HK417, Mk18 and RECCE rifles. 

    This piston uses standard AEG V2 piston heads.
    Please use the included cup-screw to affix your chosen piston head by firmly pushing the screw into the body until it clicks in place. 
    Loctite 266 threadlock must be used on all threads.

    Due to the thicker body walls, this piston must be used with a Prometheus Recoil spring guide or the standard Tokyo Marui one. 
    Please check the spring guide bearing fitment in the back of the piston and lightly sand the inner diameter if the bearing sticks. 
    Certain springs may also be too wide to fit and work correctly (PDI springs and Eagle6 M120 and M140 springs are incompatible). 
    We recommend C-Tech springs, Guarder springs (trimmed to the correct length) or Eagle6 springs except the above versions.

    As with all pistons, the rack of teeth should be epoxied in place using JB Weld Original and left to cure for 48 hours before use.