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An upgrade/replacement set of high quality 8mm low profile bushings, constructed from Alloy and compatible with 8mm gearbox casings. These ultra-low profile bushings will help you achieve surgically smooth operation of the gearbox.

Set include 6 X 8mm low profile CNC bushings.

RETRO ARMS CNC Low Profile Bushings (8mm)

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  • Compatible with virtually all 8mm gearbox shells. 
    The low external profile allows these bushings to fit without the need to modify the selector plate or selector systems. 

    We recommend using Loctite 638 to lock these bushings in to the gearbox shell. 

    Occassionally there may be some machining residue inside the bushing that must be pushed out. This can be done with a gear axle and will not damage the bushing or the gear. 

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