This laser cut terrain pack is ideal for all of your table-top wargaming needs. 
Custom designed in house to the most common competition standards with interchangeable vanity plates to suit all styles of table. 

This terrain comes flat-packed and ready to pop out of the sheets. 

We use premium quality 3.2mm MDF for awesome strength and stability.
No glue is required (though you can always strengthen it with a drop of wood glue at the joins if desired). 


The Saltire Games Terrain Pack (Basic) comes with:


  • 6x Three-story buildings (Length: 9" Width: 5" Height: 9")
  • 6x One-story buildings (Length: 9" Width: 5" Height: 5,01")
  • 12x Crates (Length: 5" Width: 2,5" Height: 2.5)
  • 6x Forests (Length: 9"Width: 5"Height: 4,5")
  • 5x Vents (Length: 7"Width: 7"Height: 3,2")
  • A few surprise accessories for the Pre-Order packs only!


Please note, these packs are on pre-order at a reduced price. 
We aim to release the packs on the 1st of June 2022!


Saltire Games Terrain Pack (Basic) PRE-ORDER PRICE