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The Ruination of Cydonia Prime is a narrative Horus Heresy event taking place over 2 days (24th and 25th August) at Saltire Games in Dundee. Tickets are priced at £30 per player and there are 20 available. There will be 10 Loyalist tickets and 10 Traitor tickets. Ticket price includes 4 narrative mission based games over the 2 days. The venue will put on filled rolls for lunch on each day. There will also be some prizes as well on the Sunday for player voted categories! The event format will be 2x 3,500pt games each day. Lists should be narrative based and there will be some light restrictions on what you can take which will be covered in the event pack which will be linked in here soon once finishes. Lists should also be submitted to the event organisers prior to the weekend (ideally well in advance in case any change might need made). We will be using the Core rules from the Horus Heresy along with any additional rules included in campaign books/supplements/FAQ's that are currently out or are released between now and the event. T&C's: 1. £30 payment entitles you to one ticket as described above. 2. No refunds will be available after 24/06/2024 unless at the discretion of event organisers.


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The Ruination of Cydonia Prime Loyalist Ticket

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