This awesome TM HK416 DELTA has come in to the shop and been serviced, ready to ship almost anywhere in the world. 
Fully upgraded with top-end components, this DELTA is upgraded with the following parts and services:

  • KoA Recoil Service (& topup-service)
  • Lonex Air Nozzle
  • Ported TM NGRS M4 Piston Head
  • FPS Carbon Fibre Piston
  • Eagle6 M100 Spring
  • Lonex NGRS M4 Spring Guide
  • BTC Spectre - NGRS
  • Laylax NGRS Gears
  • FPS Carbon Fibre Tappet Plate
  • EdGI Lapped Barrel (280mm 6.02)
  • KoA R-Hop Installation
  • KoA Blueprinted 30K Motor
  • PTS EPS in Tan
  • Magpul style Sling Mount
  • PTS Vertical Grip
  • 45 degree RIS Mount
  • Rubber Rail Covers


Does not come with any magazines. 

FPS is currently sitting at 335 on 0.2g ammo



£930.00 Regular Price
£837.00Sale Price