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A Guide for Surviving your Dissertation

At some point in our lives, especially in college, we all have to go through writing out our final thesis. This may be a long and gruelling process but trust me when I say, “It could be done!” It might not be the easiest of tasks, but it is definitely beatable. All we need is the proper guidance put in simple terms that everybody can understand and carry on in doing. You have memories about your father that are salient to you and that represent the man he was and the relationship you had with him. What have you forgotten? You remember that time when you were disobedient and he swatted you, and you are still angry that he didn’t explain why he was disciplining you. But could you have been the kind of kid a father couldn’t explain things to, because youwere impatient and impulsive and didn’t listen?

Whether or not you’re working on your thesis project right now and happen to come across this article through some research or if you just want to be prepared for when “IT” does finally happen, here are a few basic tips to remember when your thesis project is here. These are tips that will help you get through the whole process. The problem with our memory is it invariably paints us in the best possible light, and confirms our chosen narrative, while leaving out the details that threaten our self-concept and contradict that narrative — the mitigating factors, the strengths of others that balanced their flaws, our own role in a situation.

Keep a “You can do this!” thinking process

Yes! This is vital. You should always tell yourself that “You can do this!” Let go of the negative energy and bring on pay someone to do my homework positivity! One major reason for failing is because of being negative and not giving yourself that boost of motivation. So before starting anything, tell yourself that you will beat this, no matter how tough the situation is!

Set early deadlines

Don’t procrastinate! From the moment that your professor gives you your thesis project and its deadline, get moving. Have a goal to work towards so that your motivation is always there. Even if it’s supposed to be submitted months ahead, start early so that you can just relax and go through minor edits a couple weeks or days before the actual deadline. It is always frustrating to be under pressure a few days before the deadline. Make this a week or two earlier. I put emphasis on the world “early.” Make yourself a list of “due dates” to help you keep on track of everything.

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