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Criticism of Citation Index of Scientific Articles

The citation index analysis method refers to document analysis methods. However, it is not considered by all paytowritepaper scientists to be sufficiently reliable and authoritative. Let's see why.

First, the citation index depends on how many scientists work in a particular field. There are more mathematicians, for example, than physicists. Accordingly, their citation index will be higher. However, does this allow us to make an unambiguous conclusion about the authority of mathematical sources? More likely no than yes.

Secondly, the citation index strongly depends on where the scientific research was geographically conducted. It is no secret that science is more developed in some countries than in others. This also affects such an indicator as the citation index.

Thirdly, the citation index will be significantly higher in the so-called "hot" areas. Imagine that now at the peak of popularity - the study of black holes. A large number of monographs and scientific articles are published about this. Accordingly, the citation index will be very high. But does this undermine the authority of classical authors who wrote about politics, geography and economics, for example?

From this we can conclude that the future belongs to highly specialized citation indices related to one country or one field of knowledge.

Why does a student need an index of citation of scientific articles?

It would seem that the citation index refers exclusively to statistics. However, it is important not only for scientists involved in the study of documents and the analysis of statistical data. Giants such as Google are creating their own citation index. The citation index is also of great importance for the media - it allows you to assess the credibility of a particular source.

The fact is that the evaluation of it by the qualification commission depends on which articles you use in your dissertation, for example. By using articles with a high citation index, you prove that you understand the topic and use worthy sources.

Finding information about the citation index and skillfully integrating it into your work is quite difficult. It requires a big investment! Both time and effort! If you are unable to analyze source citation indexes for your work, please contact immediately. Experienced specialists will help you quickly and efficiently write a paper, based on authoritative sources.

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