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How to translate names of geographical objects

If the translated text contains indications of geographical objects, it is recommended to clarify the translation with the help of special dictionaries. There are some generally accepted translations of toponyms. They apply to all types of texts says write my paper writers.

Translation of titles of publications

They need to be translated in the same way as proper names.

A striking example is The Times (translation of the name of the publication The Times).

Explanations are recommended where necessary.

Government institutions and firms

Everything is the same here says Why it is important to take into account the rules, what are the features of design Taking into account the rules when preparing a literary translation is a guarantee of its quality. However, it is not enough to translate the text correctly. It needs to be properly formatted.

Formatting the translation of the text

The features of the translation process are as follows:

  • the minimum size is 8 points. For some texts, the use of a font of 11-12 points is allowed;

  • padding is usually disabled. When making a translation, their use is not allowed. The spacing must be single (between lines);

  • text alignment - in width, headings are placed in the center;

  • if the original contains underlining, italics, or bold, these should be retained.

If there are additional requirements for the translation, they must be taken into account.

For example, if a match in volume in characters or pages is required, it must be performed. In some cases, it is not possible to fulfill this requirement, which may be due to the peculiarities of different languages. For example, it will be difficult to make a text consisting of hieroglyphs equivalent in volume to a English text after translation.

Difficulty completing the task? Order text translation urgently at service! Design is one of the most important moments in terms of preparing a high-quality literary translation. For this, industry state standards have been developed and exist.

What is technical translation

Difficulty of technical translation

The main problems of translation

How to properly translate text

Features of literary translation


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