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Each student is faced with the choice of a topic for his work, first a term paper, and then a thesis. And if you already have a good topic for a term paper, then you are lucky, because the thesis essay writer is just a logical continuation of the previous term papers. But if everything is not so smooth with coursework, then you will have to think carefully about the topic for the thesis, because the whole process of writing the work, as well as the defense and the final grade, depends on it.

The topic of the thesis should be related to the received specialty. This is the first and most important rule. Can't write:

  • about programming, if you are at the Faculty of Psychology;

  • about mathematics, if on biological;

  • about literature, if on a geographical basis.

Next, you should choose what is interesting for you, what is closer to your soul, what you would like to do in the future and after graduation, or at least related to it, because will have to devote quite a lot of time to writing a final qualifying work. And if this process is carried out with enthusiasm and great desire, it will be much easier. The practice that took place at the university will help you navigate the choice of profession. Having tried himself in practical situations, the student can better understand what he wants to do and, of course, better understand a certain area. At the beginning of the training, the student is asked to choose the department to which he will be attached. Depending on the department, there will be different practices, more in-depth in a specialized area.

For example, at the Faculty of Psychology there are such departments as:

  • legal;

  • social;

  • general;

  • clinical;

  • pedagogical, etc.

There are such practices as educational, which is introductory, where they are more accurately acquainted with the skills and responsibilities required for the profession, production, when the student is given the opportunity to observe the work of a specialist or even participate in the work process, and pre-diploma, final and final practice in which the student collects information for the theoretical part of his thesis. Practice helps the student to understand his field as well as possible, and to understand what exactly he likes to do. This area of study can predetermine the topic for the thesis. The more a student understands it, the easier it will be for him to write a diploma. The diploma implies the disclosure of the skills and abilities acquired during the training, mastering the necessary competencies


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