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Recently, our awesome Dust Fairy - Corrin, has taken on a much larger role in the shop. Now acting as a fully fledged Personal Assisstant, she has poked, cajoled and generally hounded me to get KoA onto a bunch of new Social Media outlets. While I love Facebook, I've often not had the time for sending out updates and engaging with people across the whole range of different pages but one that's particularly piqued my interest is Pinterest. For those of you who aren't 'in the know', Pinterest is essentially an easy way to organise all of your bookmarks and share them with other people. So if you fancy learning a bit more about what makes me tick (mostly building stuff and learning how things work), then drop by and check out some of my 'Boards'. There are only a couple just now but I'm slowly adding and organising all of my bookmarked resources. See you there :)

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