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Technician of the year 2 years running!


Welcome to Kingdom of Airsoft!

Based in the centre of Dundee (Scotland), we are the Worldwide Leading Specialists in building, upgrading and repairing TM Recoils as well as ultra high end AEGs and AEPs.

We have a complete range of dedicated packages available for the most common platforms.
We do also love to work on unusual projects and hard-to-upgrade kit.
Every build is tailored to your exact specification, budget and performance expectations.


We also work on spring bolt-action Realistic Imitation Firearms.
We do not currently work on HPA or GBB builds however we can supply barrel assemblies. 

Founded in 2012 we have a team of specialists active in many different fields - from Outdoor Survival to Micro-Electronics and Architecture to Advanced Computer Programming.

Whether you're looking for a quick fix-up, an affordable upgrade or something a little more ambitious, let us know via the contact page or send us a message on Facebook.

Keep up to date with all of our news and the latest developments via our BLOG

We are situated in Dundee next to the football stadiums, about a 25 minute walk from the city centre. There is limited parking space available outside our workshop and plenty of buses that stop close by: 18 (disembark 1st stop on Arklay St) or the 1a & 1b (disembark at Clepington Primary school) from the McManus Gallery.

Please note that our shop and public showroom are undergoing a massive refurbishment so we have limited stock available to browse. We do recommend phoning in advance of any visits to check any the availability of specific items.

Feel free to drop by if you'd like to drop off kit for tech work, grab some supplies or just catch up on the local gossip. 

Kingdom of Airsoft Ltd

Block 4 Densfield Works

North Isla Street





Boss Man & Chief Tech


Founder, owner and head tech of Kingdom of Airsoft.
Sam is known for his quirky sense of humour, friendly, honest advice and deep knowledge of Airsoft Gearboxes.

Sam is the main tech of Kingdom of Airsoft and does all of the upgrade work at KoA.


Shop Manager &

Warhammer 40K Dude

From stock management to cleaning to everything 40K, AJ is learning the ropes and quickly becoming highly proficient in all areas of life and work in the Kingdom.

AJ handles the day to day running of the shop, organises our awesome Saltire Games 40K tournaments and generally keeps things heading in the right direction.

Dave the Black.jpg

Dave the Black


Our resident CAD wizard and tech apprentice. He claims to hail from the mighty island of Ireland and came in search of the Holy Airsoft Grail. 
Having found his treasure at the workshop, settling was the only option so we feed him on a steady diet of broken components and wispy dreams. 


Our up and coming apprentice is learning the ropes in all areas of KoA life. 


Please excuse our slightly-psychic photograph, it does not truly represent his full essence. Do let us know how it appears to you though, we never can quite tell...


An awesome range of quality parts are reasonable prices.




TM parts specialist.
If it's made by Marui, these guys have the largest stock of original replacment parts.



Brill Armory

An outstanding selection of parts for budding and experienced techs, from our friends over the water.



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