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Kingdom of Airsoft Terms of Service


These terms of service are in addition to your rights and do not affect your statutory rights.

If you have any questions just ask, we are always here to help.

Lead Times

Our lead times at the workshop are typically around 1 week from the date the invoice is fully paid. 
An up-to-date estimated lead time is included in our invoice emails but is an estimate at best. 
Due to the nature of technical work on Airsoft gearboxes, delays are often encountered and while an average delay time is accounted for in our estimated lead time, individual builds may encounter extended delays for a variety of reasons that may include, but are not limited to: component availability, additional tuning and re-testing being required, new parts being designed and fabricated, additional repairs being required prior to the agreed work.

We cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee any specific return date. If you require the use of your gun for an event, please bear this in mind.



Due to the varying quality and design of airsoft components, Kingdom of Airsoft provides extended warranties on an individual customer basis. Please contact us for a customised warranty offer should you require one.

Most of our builds are covered by a 6 month warranty for any parts installed by us and labour to replace these parts should they fail.

Longsword packages are warrantied for 12 months.

Warranties are valid for the named individual on the invoice and are non-transferrable.


Return shipping is covered under warranty for UK parcels up to 100cm x 40cm x 30cm maximum dimensions and 10Kg in weight.

Packages over these values will incur additional costs after the first £10 of postage cost each way. 

Returns and warranty claims that are found not covered by warranty will incur full postage and repair costs.

International Warranty shipping is covered for packages up to 99cm x 39cm x 29cm and 8Kg Maximum. 

International imports arranged by us through UPS for Warranty work will not be charged any import VAT or Duty however the £25 (+VAT) Inward Processing via Declaration charge will be payable by the package owner. 

Warranty packages sent to us with alternate couriers will be charged VAT on import. We do not pass this charge on to the sender if we are returning the package after the warranty work however we do charge a handling fee of £30 (+VAT) for each consignment.

Components not installed by us; for example, gearbox shells in a Tokyo Marui Recoil, are not covered by any warranty.

Certain components are considered 'consumable' and are not covered under warranty. 
These components are:

  • Pistons with plastic pickup teeth (to act as a mechanical fuse)

  • Physical single-use fuses

  • Motor brushes and commutators

Components installed by us but not supplied by us are only covered under warranty if they are damaged due to another part failing if that part is covered by warranty.

Tokyo Marui Recoils must only be used on 7.4v LiPos.

The use of 11.1v LiPos (or any voltage higher than 8.4v fully-charged) immediately voids the warranty on all NGRS builds.

Any components installed that are not from the brands we recommend and supply (eg. Kingdom of Airsoft, Laylax, Airlab, Lonex, EdGI, Retro Arms, C-Tech, Eagle6, PDI, BTC & GATE) will not be covered by our warranty and are installed on this understanding.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding work carried out please contact us immediately. Failure to notify Kingdom of Airsoft about any problems or concerns in the aforementioned (or agreed upon) time will void all warranties. 
Damage caused during transit must be brought to our attention with 24 hours of receipt so please ensure you check your build thoroughly within this time period. 

Cases and boxes used for shipping are deemed as packaging, the sole purpose of which is to act as a sacrificial barrier against shipping damage. As such, cases, boxes and all packaging materials are not covered by our shipping insurance. Please bear this in mind when selecting your packaging for transit. We recommend the original manufacturer's cardboard box your gun initially came in, along with plenty of strong bubblewrap to prevent all internal movement. 
Please cover the box with parcel paper or black bags and strong tape. 

RIFs must not be posted in soft cases of any kind. 
Any RIFs that arrive at the workshop without a suitable box will incur a £15 surcharge to supply a suitable postage container.

Any disassembly of the gun whatsoever (unless explicitly directed by Kingdom of Airsoft) will void all warranties. This includes disassembly by both the customer and third party technicians.
Some of our high end builds will come with steel security screws and tamper-evident seals. These screws require a special T10 Tamper-proof Torx driver to remove however the removal of these screws or breaking the tamper-evident seals will immediately void any and all warranties.
These measures will be included on any gun or gearbox that we supply in it's entirety ie. a complete and upgraded drop-in gearbox or a pre-upgraded gun.
We will not install security screws on any gearbox supplied to us by our customers though we may use tamper-evident seals.


All airsoft guns require regular maintenance before and after use to maintain normal operation. This is especially important for upgraded guns.
All warranties require the user to understand and undertake these necessary steps:


  • Only high quality ammo may be used. If in doubt, contact us.
    We currently recommend Tokyo Marui, Nuprol RZR, G&G, GEOFF and BLS ammo.

  • The internals of the gun must be kept free of foreign contaminants: Water, dirt, broken ammo etc

  • The inner barrel must be kept clean to prevent blockages which can cause additional damage. This can be achieved by using a plastic cleaning rod with a swab of lint-free cloth and a drop of liquid silicon oil. Excess oil must be removed with a dry swab until none remains. Leaving oil in the barrel and hop chamber can have a detrimental effect on the accuracy, range and consistency of the gun.

  • R-Hops must be periodically cleaned of BB residue to ensure their continued effectiveness. This can be achieved with a cotton swab and some Isopropyl Alcohol. Please contact us for directions if you require advice. 

  • If the characteristics of the gun change in any way, STOP using the gun and contact Kingdom of Airsoft. This includes - but is not limited to - any abnormal sounds, like grinding or screeching; blockages, failure to cycle, double tapping, feeding issues, smoke or excessive heat.

  • Only high discharge batteries must be used. The 'C' rating should be displayed on the battery and must be a minimum of 25C, ideally 25-50C with a minimum total pack discharge of 30 Amps. If you notice the trigger response or rate of fire slowing, charge or change the battery for one with a full charge.
    We only recommend Turnigy Nanotech or Graphene batteries.

  • All guns are set up to use 7.4v 25-50C LiPo with a minimum capacity of 1000mAh. 
    Performance and reliability is not guaranteed with anything less. Please discuss with us prior to work commencing if you require 11.1v LiPo compatibility. Failure to do so will void any warranties if any higher Voltage than 7.4v (nominal) is used.

  • If using a computerised Fire Control Unit (MOSFET), you must read and understand the user manual which can be found online. In the case of faults or errors, a factory reset MUST always be attempted first (before contacting KoA) as this solves many common issues.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all work carried out by Kingdom of Airsoft is designed to be used with high power 7.4v Lithium Polymer batteries. A high power battery is any battery capable of sustaining a MINIMUM of 30 Amps for a time not less than ten seconds at the rated Voltage.
The recommended minimum-power battery is a Turnigy Nanotech 7.4v 1000mAh 25-50C LiPo.
The use of NIckle Metal Hydride, low power 7.4v Lithium Polymer and 11.1v Lithium Polymer batteries is not advised (unless otherwise agreed) and can lead to detrimental performance characteristics.


Testing Procedures

In addition to a visual inspection, all guns that have received work on the gearbox or barrel assembly will undergo a thorough test using at least one full midcap or equivalent, in a variety of fire modes and burst-lengths.
R-Hop installations will be range-tested at our private outdoor range.
This range testing will add additional time to the turn around, which can take several weeks or in the worst case, months. Range testing is highly depend
ent on the weather.

We typically expect any R-Hopped gun to achieve a range of 65m with a 1.1J output and a grouping of 1m square maximum, typically much less.

We do take testing very seriously in order to ensure every gun is perfect. Our range is outdoors and as such, wind, humidity, rain and other weather conditions can affect the performance. If there is any doubt as to the performance of your build, we will record the range testing and provide you with the footage to verify whether the results are satisfactory.

Additional testing is available at an extra cost.

Power Testing

When we test the fps of any gun, we will report the highest average power level achieved. This may be with the hop on or off, whichever leads to the highest output.
This is to ensure that no guns fall foul of the new UK Policing & Crime Act (2017) which sets the absolute maximum power output for all UK airsoft guns at 1.3J for full-auto capable replicas and 2.5J for anything not capable of fully automatic fire.
Please note that all international builds will be restricted to semi-auto if their power output is required to be higher than 1.3J

Picture and video documentation can be provided on request at no extra charge.

Cancellation & Returns

This section is a partial summary of the Distance Selling Regulations as applicable. In case of doubt, the full regulations should be consulted.

If you wish to cancel work on your gun, you must do so within fourteen days of agreeing to the work contract and before work has commenced. These fourteen days begin when you agree to the offer presented to you by Kingdom of Airsoft or when you send us any money or the gun to be serviced, repaired or upgraded.

The building of new guns or substantial changes amounting to a 'Customised Product' may not be cancelled once Kingdom of Airsoft has ordered any customised (ie. not off-the-shelf) parts for the service, or once work has commenced.
Cancelling a project outwith the above conditions will result in the base gun being returned 'as is', along with any parts that have been paid for (and do not require cancellation), unless an outstanding balance is due. If the outstanding balance is not paid within 90 days the base gun and/or any completed upgrades and parts will be sold to recoup losses in line with our 'Invoices' section below. Labour charges for labour already carried out are non-refundable and a 10%
restocking fee will apply to any products paid for but not installed at the time of cancellation.


Shipping to and from Kingdom of Airsoft is available with UPS and generally costs £18-£36 for UK mainland shipping.

This can be arranged through Kingdom of Airsoft. We can arrange for a pre-paid shipping label to be emailed (for you to print and affix) or UPS can bring an adhesive label upon collection.

Shipping labels are generally valid for 10 working days during which time the parcel can be dropped off at a local UPS Access Point or a collection can be arranged.
Cut-price courier websites like ParcelMonkey and iPostParcels are NOT recommended.

Shipping insurance is not included with the standard prices. Please contact us if you require shipping insurance for your package.


Damage is highly likely if RIFs are sent in only gun bags or without sufficient packaging.
The RIF should not move at all inside the box once packaged.
RIFs that are not adequately packaged may receive
an additional packaging charge before being posted.
You can view our postage guidelines here


International Shipping

We are now able to ship internationally to every country where Airsoft is legal. 

We cannot currently ship any batteries outside the UK or internationally with UPS. Batteries shipped to us by international customers will be disposed of without compensation. 
Please familiarise yourself with your country's import/export procedures and notify us in advance of any special procedures we must adhere to. Failure to do so will void our liability in cases of damage, seizure or destruction caused by not following these procedures.

You may be required to pay charges or provide additional documentation to allow the release of your package. 

Imports to the UK are liable for a £25 (+VAT) customs clearance fee if we import them under Inward Processing via Declaration with UPS. 

Packages sent to us with alternate couriers will be charged VAT on import. We do not pass this charge on to the sender if we are returning the package however  we do charge a handling fee of £30 (+VAT) for each consignment.

If you do not require the old components back after the upgrade is complete, please let us know in advance and we may be able to arrange a small discount to the total cost of the build.
Otherwise all removed parts will be returned with the build.



Our invoices are a quote for work. Once the relevant balance has been paid, this invoice may be treated as a receipt. Our invoices are updated with any relevant information or changes that may happen as work progresses. The initial link provided to view the invoice will always show the most up-to-date version of the invoice.


For small builds and repairs where the projected cost is under £100 excluding tax & shipping, we will carry out the work before invoicing unless otherwise agreed.
This allows us to turn around repairs and small builds much faster and maintain shorter lead times for everyone. 

If in the process of the small build and/or repair the cost excluding tax & shipping would exceed £100, we will contact you with an update and provide options to proceed before carrying out any further work.

Labour is charged at £37.50 per hour plus VAT in 15 minute increments. 
Our minimum charge for work is therefore £9.75 plus VAT.

We do allow invoices to be paid up over time however we cannot ship or transfer the completed build back to the customer before any outstanding balance has been paid in full. 

Should any balance remain outstanding for longer than 90 days, we may charge additional fees in line with government guidance. 
Should any balance remain unpaid for longer than 120 days, we will look to recoup our losses in line with government guidance. This may involve selling the build or handing the debt over to a collection agency. 
Any monies raised over the outstanding balance (plus fees), shall be transferred to the named individual on the invoice and if this is not possible, held in a separate account until the named individual can supply us with the required details for transfer. If the named individual cannot be contacted to supply us with the required details for a further 90 days after the initial 120 days, they waive the right to claim any monies due. 


If you require advice prior to work commencing we are happy to provide this service. A reasonable amount of advice will always be provided for free and as part of any service in order to explain what is planned and why.
Excessive advice may incur additional charges.
If an upgrade plan is provided and/or an excessive amount of advice given, there will be a flat fee of £20 should the build be cancelled at any stage.


Small Print
Please message me via Facebook or Email quoting:
"Winter is Coming"
To receive £10 off your next order.

This discount code may also be used one time per customer on the web shop on any order.



Payment is up front through Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit card or Paypal. Customers visiting the shop may also pay by card. There are no fees for using Paypal however there may be additional fees when sending money through your Bank. The customer must cover these fees before sending the money. Payment details are included with each invoice.
Once the payment has been received, the build will be booked into our queue and a rough start-date provided.
Payments from international customers must be sent in GBP (£).

Priority Service
The queue position of any build can be altered by purchasing a Priority Service at any point.

If any parts are unavailable at the time of work commencing, alternative parts of the same or greater value, quality and performance may be used.
If there is significant deviation from the original invoice that would incur any additional costs, the customer will be notified prior to work commencing.

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