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EdGI Custom Works Barrel Review

These awesome new barrels arrived with us the other day for testing. 
These are custom made barrels from the guys at EdGI and sport some cool features not found on any other barrels.

They are cold hammer forged Brass barrels that are pre-cut for R-Hops and have a tasty deep crown, come pre-lapped to a perfect mirror finish and the VSR ones have a larger external diameter for much of the length to increase strength and stability.


The inner bore also tapers along the length of the barrel until it flares out to the Crown at the end.

The two we have for testing are the 5.98mm and 6.05mm variants.


They arrived very promptly in a securely padded rigid PVC tube. Absolutely solid! 

Each barrel was packed in it's own tube inside the pipe.

The internal bore of the barrels were shiny and very clean. A pass with compressed paper swab revealed no residue at all.

I must say, I was a little skeptical about using such a tight bore barrel as the 5.98mm but the bore does taper along the length so it's not that tight for the whole length. It actually gave an almost identical fps reading to the PDI 6.01 barrel (405fps with Airsoft Surgeon 0.3s).

Installation was fairly straightforward. 
The barrel supports had to be drilled out to accommodate the larger external diameter and spaced with a strip of tape. 

I opted to hold the spacers in place with more tape as I'll be testing a number of different barrels in the PDI VSR10, so will keep one set of spacers for each barrel.

Performance was excellent when tested on Sunday. 
Absolutely zero feeding issues on the AS 0.3s and ProBall 0.4s. 
Consistency was stellar although it was too windy to gain any meaningful data. There were certainly no obvious adverse effects from running such a tight barrel which does help reinforce the idea that bore quality is much more important than the specific bore diameter.


More testing with this barrel and more will follow so stay tuned :)

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