We've been building and tinkering with Airsoft kit for many years now and strongly believe that knowledge should be freely shared.
Here you can find some of that knowledge in the form of guides and articles we've written.

We're adding more here all the time, so let us know if there's something you'd particularly like to see.

Video guides will be added soon...

Soldering Guide
Our step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect solder join.
An in-depth look at Microswitches, their issues and how to work with them.
All About R-Hops
A semi-comprehensive guide to R-Hops and how they work.
All About LiPos
A brief overview of Lithium based batteries and their uses in Airsoft.
EdGI Custom Works Barrel Review
A short review of the excellent EdGI Custom Works VSR10 Barrel.
TM PSG-1 Ultimate Build Guide
An overview of the Ultimate setup and installation guide for a BTC Chimera
The most common questions we're asked about Airsoft and Airsoft Tech in general.
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