Shooting Range & Gaming Tables

We now have some exciting activities to try out at our brand new retail shop and showroom. 

Our three-lane shooting range is perfect for trying out purchases before you buy, dialling in your sights and optics or just honing your skills. 

The range generally sits at 13m long but can be extended out to 45m on request. We'll soon have an interactive target system and marksman targets set up. 

Range Instruction with AJ includes weapon rental and ammo.

Price is per person.

We now have a fully fledged Wargaming Room with a large 60" x 44" gaming table for all your Warhammer 40K and miniature wargaming needs. 

7 more tables are under contruction with high quality gaming mats, army storage areas, lasercut measuring rulers and scoreboards as well as lasercut & 3D printed terrain to rent. 


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