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CNC machined bracing block for V2 AEG gearboxes. 
This block has spring loaded tabs which can be locked securely in place to transfer impact loads from the front of the gerbox shell to the receiver.

This is a cheap and effective way to reduce gearbox cracking in systems where replacement gearboxes are not available or overly expensive. 

Airsoft-Parts M4 Gearbox Shock Brace

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  • Installation:

    • Loosen the bolts (A) so that the pins can move
    • Insert Gearbox Shock Block between the gun body and the gearbox
    • Tighten the locking screws (A) and remove Gearbox Shock Block from the gun
    • Tighten the locking screws (B)
    • Loosen the locking screws (A) and insert Gearbox Shock Block into the gun
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