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The highest quality Lipo adapter available. 

We solder on a 16# Genuine Deans Ultra Wire extension using Laco Flux paste and Eutectic Silver solder. 
At the end, we finish this off with a Genuine Deans Ultra plug.
This gives you the flexibility you need and supreme reliability in even the highest power builds. 


We also include our fantastic KoA bar cover. 
Not only does this look awesome, it also securely holds the contact bars in place against the support block, making the whole system much stronger.

TM Recoil Deans LiPo Adapter

  • Please note that we will require the stock or the contact bar assembly to install the adapter. 
    If you're just sending the contact bar assembly, please take note of the polarity when reassembling the stock as short-circuits from reversed polarity will destroy any installed MOSFETs and will void all warranties.

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