A complete gearbox maintenance and tuning service which includes a range of upgraded components to provide a solid base for the most demanding upgrade packages.

The gearbox is tuned so it runs as smoothly, efficiently and reliably as possible while also significantly decreasing the noise generated through normal gearbox operation. 
Virtually every gearbox will benefit from this service, from Cyma to Real Sword.

Included in this service is:




  • 1 x Air-Pad Polyurethane Pad (reduces shock transfer to gearbox)

  • 1 x New Viton Green O-ring (gives better air-seal and lasts longer in all weathers)

  • Prometheus Shims (sets gear height to reduce unnecessary noise and wear)

  • 1 x Cyma White FMR (Full Metal Rack) Piston (Swiss-Cheesed if necessary) with the teeth epoxied in

  • 2 x Genuine Deans Ultra connectors (1 for your AEG and 1 for your battery)




All labour required to complete the Service is included in the price. Additional upgrade parts are available on request, the Labour cost of installing additional parts (except gears, which do not require additional Labour) is £45 per hour.


What I do:


  • Full strip down and deep cleaning of all parts in the gearbox

  • Correctly shimming the gears using Prometheus Steel Shims

  • Polishing the piston rails to reduce drag on the piston

  • Correcting the 'Angle Of Engagement' between the sector gear and the piston (this increases piston life)

  • Correctly re-greasing the gearbox using a combination of Super-Lube and liquid Silicon Oil

  • Sealing the Cylinder head against air loss

  • Radiusing the front of the gearbox to more evenly distribute the planar force from the piston (increases the life of the gearbox shell by lessening the ability of cracks to start)

  • Setting the motor height

  • Check for pre-engagement (if it is occurring) and advise on solutions

  • Cleaning the Hop unit and checking for faults

  • Correcting any other issues in the gearbox which will not incur extra costs: minor re-soldering of wires, re-insulating stripped wire etc

  • Install the awesome Cyma White FMR (Full Metal Rack) Piston (Swiss-Cheesed if necessary)

  • Professionally solder a Genuine Deans Ultra connector to your AEG and battery of choice

  • Create a Genuine Tamiya to Genuine Deans Ultra charging adapter (if required) so you can continue to use your current charger. The wire used is Genuine Deans Ultra 16# Wire.

Deluxe AEG Service