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EdGI Custom Works make some of the finest Airsoft components in the world.
These Stainless Steel barrels have been custom made to our spec for use in many different platforms.

These Stainless Steel barrels are the highest quality barrels available for Airsoft. CNC machined and lapped to a mirror finish for extreme straightness and concentricity. 
Due to the extremely fine surface, they don't trap dirt or debris like other barrels. 


Their extreme hardness will allow them to be used with even super-hard competition-grade ammo over and over again. 
They feature a 6mm square cut hop window that's perfectly cut for regular hop rubbers, flat-hop systems and R-Hops. 

These Stainless Steel barrels will last a lifetime!

EdGI / KoA Stainless Steel Inner Barrel (380mm 6.01 AEG))

SKU: EDGI_SS_380/01
Only 1 left in stock
  • These barrels have a 6.01mm inner diameter and a length of 380mm. 
    Assuming partial AoE correction, we recommend pairing them with the following cylinders and ammo weights for the best power efficiency: 

    0.2g - D or E Cylinder (1/2 port or just under 1/2 port)
    0.25g - D Cylinder (1/2 port)
    0.28g - C or D Cylinder (1/3 port or 1/2 port)
    0.3g - C Cylinder (1/3 port)
    0.32g - B or C Cylinder (1/4 port or 1/3 port)
    0.36g - B Cylinder (1/4 port)
    0.4g - A or B Cylinder (full or 1/4 port)
    0.45g - A Cylinder (full)

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