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Ezo Japanese Steel Bearings (6mm AEP, pack of 8)
The finest bearings currently available for use in AEPs and CMGs in Airsoft. These bearings are strong and smooth, with the hallmark quality from Japanese company Sapporo. Suitable for all AEPs!

Ezo Japanese Bearings (AEP)

Only 9 left in stock
  • These bearings are 6mm x 2.6mm with a 2.5mm central hole. 
    These bearings allow the AEP/CMG gears to turn with greatly reduced friction but have very tight tolerances. 
    Some brands of gear may be marginally too thick to fit in the axle holes and should be gently sanded with 400grit paper. 

    The bushing holes on some AEP/CMG gearboxes may need to be reamed or filed slightly to allow the bearings to fit. We recommend a 6mm reaming bit be used to remove any burrs but a fine round file will also work.

    These bearings should be installed with a drop of bearing lock (we recommend Loctite 270)  ensuring no liquid enters the bearing. 
    The gears should be shimmed prior to packing the bearings with Superlube PTFE grease. 

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