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These hardened steel bushings are possibly the strongest available in the world. 

CNC machined from tool steel, hardened and tumbled to remove any machining marks and imperfections, these bushings will last for years in any setup. 
They are very low profile, minimising the need for external modifications to clear selector systems and have a thinner internal flange thickness to allow finer shimming control. 

F.L.T. 4mm-Axle 8mm Steel Bushings

SKU: FLT_4mm_Custom
  • We recommend using Loctite 638 stud locker to adhere these bushings to the gearbox shell. 

    The bushings are shipped with a small amount of oil applied to help prevent rust during transit and storage. This should be cleaned off prior to installation. 

    We recommend lightly lubricating the inner surfaces of these busings with Superlube PTFE grease.

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