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This Genuine Magpul CTR Extended Buffer Pad has been carefully machined out to house a Turnigy Nanotech 7.4v 1000mAh 20-40C LiPo (not included) and fit on the back of your CTR stock without any modification required. 

Please note that the Deans connectors occupy some space between the stock and buffer tube when connected.

Genuine Magpul CTR Extended Buffer Pad

Out of Stock
  • Care must be taken when installing and removing the battery. The buffer pad should be squeezed at the top to release the clips and pulled out only enough for the clips to clear the rear of the stock.

    The buffer pad can then be rotated and the battery slotted in. The lower screw has 2 o-rings installed under the head to allow this movement. They should not be removed and the screw should not be over tightened

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