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The Leviathan - V2 optical is one of the most advanced ETU (electronic trigger unit) on the market

It has all optical sensors for better handling and durability

Built-in wireless communication for quick setup using iOS or Android smartphones!

Foam on the trigger makes great hair trigger mode


Unique Real feel trigger system (RFTS), spring simulates trigger resistance like in the real AR15. It adds secondary resistance with release after the fire. The RFTS was designed in collaboration with a professional gunsmith for more realistic feel from shooting


External input port and output pads serves for custom accessories


Real time response for change settings -> immediately test result


Easy installation into the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts


Completely made wiring allows the fastest and the easiest installation into the gun. No soldering is needed.

New functions are for free for every user via online update


--These units come with an adjustable Retro Arms Speed trigger in Black--

Jefftron Leviathan - V2 optical MOSFET (Rear Wired)

SKU: 0750122151912
Only 1 left in stock
  •  Leviathan – V2 optical supports these airsoft guns:

    • M4, M16, HK416, AR15 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
    • M4 with V2 gearbox from Krytac company
    • SR25 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
    • ICS SSS gearbox V2 with Cover for the gearbox
    • MP5 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
    • G3 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
    • G&G G2 gearbox V2 (version 2.1 - DIY add empty mag. micro switch to Leviathan input port)
    • M249 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
    • M107 BARRETT from Snow wolf company
    • And others ...

    Leviathan - V2 optical is not compatible with these gearboxes:

    • KWA gearbox V2.5
    • S&T or Arcturus gearbox V2
    • Ares Amoeba gearbox V2
    • APS eSilver edge gearbox V2
    • Gearbox V2 with microswitch
    • And others ...

    We are able to modify some gearbox shells to accept the Jefftron Leviathan V2 Optical MOSFET, for example the Magpul MASADA.

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