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The perfect motor for almost any build.

Blueprinting is the act of taking a motor back to it's 'design specification' from however it falls off the factory production line.

We strip down the motor and clean all components before sealing the coils using a specialist potting epoxy with excellent thermal properties. Once two layers of epoxy have been applied, the armature is baked in our oven to correctly cure the epoxy.
This ensures that the coils are never able to work loose under extreme load.

The armature is then skimmed on an upgraded Hudy comm lathe before being balanced and shimmed back in the shell.

Action Army motors come with CNC machined support towers utilising enlarged bearings throughout.
Extra-Large, vertically aligned silver brushes with braided silver shunt wires are used for maximum efficiency and load carrying capability. The brush hoods are modified to prevent the shunt wires from snagging. 
The shunt wires themselves are soldered on to the brush hood for even lower electrical resistance.

The armatures used are skewed (helical) to help reduce cogging torque against the N42 Neodymium magnets.
Our Blueprinted Motors are available with 13, 14, 15 or 16TPA counts. Please drop us a line and we can advise on the most suitable version for your build.

The result is one of the finest motors money can buy at an outstanding price.

Optional extras can be added for unparalleled reliability and efficiency (prices include VAT):

-Bullet Connector Mod - £12
-Lonex Spiral Pinion (with matching bevel) - £21

-Custom Wound Armature - £54

-Vented Shell - £6

KoA Blueprinted Motor

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