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If you already have a Neo magnet motor, you can upgrade it with our custom Blueprinted armatures to seriously increase the lifespan and reliability. 


Our BP armatures are epoxy potted to hold the windings in place indefinitely. 
We use a specialist high thermal-transfer epoxy to allow excess heat to be more easily dissipated. 


The armatures are skimmed on our custom comm lathe to minimise brush bounce and underbrush arcing, increasing reliability and efficiency. 



KoA Custom Blueprinted Armature (Long)

  • This long-type motor armature is compatible with virtually all standard AEG motor shells. 
    Two armature shims are included but more may be required depending on your current shell. 

    We recommend pairing this armature with an O-type Action Army pinion or Lonex Spiral pinion with matching bevel.

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