The finest internal upgrade package for your TM Recoil, as used by Matt the Musketeer and Hype Airsoft aka Will Greenwood.

This build contains every single internal upgrade along with a few essential external accessories and can be configured to give any achievable power level or rate of fire. 

When no expense is spared, the result is truly stunning. 
Absolute performance coupled with extreme reliability and the utmost attention to detail. 
This build also comes with our full 6 month parts, labour and postage warranty for complete peace of mind.


We always keep this package up to date with all of our latest developments.

To upgrade your TM Recoil to 'The Longsword' spec, the following is included:

Parts and Work:

  • Full Recoil Service including Sorbothane pad Viton o-ring

  • Next-Generation Titan or Spectre MOSFET

  • MOSFET Installation with LiPo Mod

  • Custom KoA 3D printed wire cover (M4/416 original stocks only)

  • SiegeTek Recoil Sector and Spur gears coupled with a Lonex Spiral Bevel and Pinion

  • Prometheus Steel Cylinder: A, B or C

  • Retro Arms & KoA Ultimate Recoil Piston

  • Retro Arms Aluminium Piston Head

  • Prometheus Recoil Spring Guide

  • C-Tech/Eagle6 Main Spring: 300-500fps

  • Eagle6 Enhanced Recoil Spring (M4/416/417)

  • KoA Custom Blueprinted Motor

  • EdGI Barrel (upgrade to Steel available)

  • R-Hop Installation with precision cut flat nub

  • Prometheus Purple Hop Rubber

  • Prometheus Purple Recoil Tappet Plate

  • Laylax Trigger Lock Pin (M4) or LCs Custom Steel Trigger Pin (HK416/417)

  • Laylax Frame Lock Pin (M4/416/417/SCAR)

  • Laylax Hard Castle Nut (M4/416) or Laylax Hard Stock Button (SCAR)

  • Genuine Deans Ultra Stock Wiring Loom (SCAR) or Laylax ASAP Sling Plate (M4/HK416)

  • Nomad Arms 3D Printed Steel Trigger

  • Labour

We are now able to supply and install the awesome Retro Arms CNC Recoil Gearbox Shell (M4/HK416/HK417 ONLY). 

This beast is virtually indestructible and allows for the use of Laylax Japanese caged 8mm bearings for significantly less friction, which drastically improves the efficiency.

KoA Ultimate Recoil Package - The Longsword

Upgrade to Steel EdGI Barrel
Would you like your old parts returned?
CNC Gearbox & Bearing Upgrade
  • Please note that all custom work will be added in to our queue, which is typically 3-4 weeks long but can be significantly longer depending on component availability.

    Certain work (custom tracers, EdGI Steel barrels, certain ratios of gears not generally held in stock, custom designed 3D printed parts etc) may significantly extend the turn-around time for your build.


    We will email you with details about your slot; collection can be arranged any time before your slot is due.