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The Lonex POM piston head has cemented its place in the tech world as one of the hardiest, highest quality components available. 

CNC machined from POM with a consistently excellent finish, this piston head is light and strong with a machined steel thread insert. 
Suitable for both high speed and high power builds, this piston head comes with a virtually indestructible thrust bearing to reduce wear on the spring. 

Lonex POM Piston Head (AEG)

SKU: GB-01-10B
Out of Stock
  • Compatible with virtually all AEG pistons and gearboxes. 
    Not compatible with TM NGRS pistons or PSG-1 pistons. 

    We recommend lubricating the thrust bearing with Superlube PTFE grease and the o-ring with Superlube silicone oil. 
    Threadlocker must be used for secure installation, we recommend Loctite 266 medium strength threadlocker. 

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