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The Prometheus Purple (soft) hop rubber (or 'bucking' if you're from the USA) from Laylax is one of the finest AEG hop rubbers in the world. 

With almost legendary status, this hop rubber has earned it's spot at the top of almost every tech's tier list. It is soft enough to float any ammo up to 0.32g in weight and hard enough to hold its shape in even the most extreme builds. 

It's external design allows it to work in virtually all AEG hop chambers while remaining snug around the inner barrel. 

Laylax Prometheus Purple Hop Rubber

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  • Compatible with virtually all AEGs and hop chambers that accept AEG style hop rubbers. 

    Perfect for use with soft to medium-hard flat nubs or R-Hops if the internal mound it removed. 

    In tighter hop chambers eg. TM NGRS chambers, liquid silicone oil should be applied to both the outside of the hop rubber and the inside of the hop chamber. 
    3-5mm may need to be trimmed off end in very tight chambers or in the TM (and clone) M14s. 

    This hop rubber should not be used in Tokyo Marui MP5 builds, please use the PDI W-Hold instead. 

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