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The Prometheus steel cylinder from Laylax is machined from steel and finely finished internally for excellent durability and consistency. 


This full cylinder is designed for the Tokyo Marui M14 platform and features a flat lower surface to allow the tappet plate to move more freely. 

Laylax Prometheus V7 M14 Steel Cylinder (B)

SKU: 4582109586938
Only 2 left in stock
  • Compatible with the Tokyo Marui M14 only. 
    This cylinder is slightly longer than standard AEG cylinder and will only fit in the Tokyo Marui M14 and M14 SOCOM. 

    Please ensure the flat external surface of the cylinder is adjacent to the tappet plate as this ensures the tappet plate can move freely. 

    This cylinder should be lubricated with medium viscosity liquid silicone oil, we recommend Superlube Silicone Oil.

    This cylinder is designed for the M14 SOCOM or the full length M14 when paired with lighter ammo.

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