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The Maxx Double O-Ring AEG Air Nozzle is one of the finest available. 
Carefully CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminium and anodised in red, this nozzle seals well with most cylinder heads. 

The double o-rings offer additional stability and a superior air seal. 
The front of the nozzle is smooth and rounded so it can seat in the hop rubber more efficiently. 

Maxx Air Nozzle (22.50mm)

Only 2 left in stock
  • We recommend cleaning the air nozzle with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol prior to use to remove any residual glue used to hold the o-rings in place during transit. 

    A drop of silicon oil or thin grease should be applied to the cylinder head nozzle prior to installation.

    We recommend pairing this nozzle with the Maxx or Retro Arms Rotary hop chambers. 
    Most V2 M4s will require a 21.25mm or 21.5mm nozzle.

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