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The Maxx AEG Piston Head features a double o-ring to reduce friction against the cylinder walls and stabilise the piston head at all times. 
Large ports on the front face help reduce negative pressure on the reverse stroke and improve compression on the forward stroke. All machining marks are expertly deburred before being anodized red so this piston head can be used with all AoE correcting pads. 

Fully CNC machined from aluminium for extreme strength, this piston head is light and of superb quality. 

Maxx CNC Aluminium Piston Head (AEG)

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  • Compatible with virtually all AEG gearboxes.

    Be sure to lubricate the thrust bearing with Superlube PTFE grease and the o-rings with Superlube liquid silicone oil. 

    The retaining screw should have Loctite 266 applied before installation.

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