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The Maxx Enhanced Steel Recoil Spring (150%) is specially made to improve performance and provide realistic high speed recoil action for Glock G17 Series (Tokyo Marui, WE-Tech, KJWorks, VFC etc) Airsoft Gas Blowback (GBB) Pistols.
The Enhanced Steel Recoil Spring is made from high strength spring steel for durability with a hardened color coating to prevent corrosion.

Maxx Enhanced GBB Pistol Recoil Spring (150%)

SKU: MX-SRS017-15
Only 4 left in stock
  • Compatible with most G17 and G18 GBB pistols. 
    Also compatible with any other GBB pistol that uses a similar length of recoil spring. 

    Please ensure the recoil spring is lightly lubricated with Finish Line Flourinated PTFE grease. 

    This spring will increase the stress on your pistol slide and frame. Many GBB pistols will require additional upgrade work to strengthen the areas at risk. 
    Please ensure this work is carried out before installation. 

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