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Original piston and captive spring for the TM Recoil M4 platform. 

An excellent quality piston capable of handling up to around 360fps @ 15rps.

Original Tokyo Marui NGRS M4 Piston

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  • This piston is only compatible with the TM NGRS M4, HK416 and HK417 gearboxes.

    To remove the captive spring, we recommend drilling out the front of the piston head with a 5mm drill bit. 
    This will allow access to the screw head to unscrew the head from the internal support block. The spring can then be pulled out and the support block pushed back in to place. 

    The piston rails should be lightly lubricated with Superlube PTFE grease and liquid silicone oil should be applied to the o-ring.

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